Matt Shakman Says Star Trek 4 Isn’t Dead Yet

Since Matt Shakman stepped down as the director of Star Trek 4 to work on Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot, the film’s status has been in limbo. Although the original trilogy’s stars, including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, are reportedly attached, Paramount removed the sequel from its 2023 release calendar last fall. Regardless, Shakman offered some hope during an interview with Collider. When asked about his plans for the crew of the Enterprise, Shakman couldn’t reveal much because as far as he knows, the new creative team is using elements from his story. In other words, the film isn’t a lost cause yet.

“I think what they’re still working on is a version of what I have been working on for the time that I was involved,” revealed Shakman.

What could Shakman say about his film? First of all, it would still be a “large tentpole film” that would bring back the majority of the cast. And naturally, it would have a significant budget because, as Shakman said, “Any time you go to space in a movie, it’s expensive.”

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Shakman also credits J.J. Abrams for creating a blueprint for future Star Trek movies. Abrams used the size and scale of Star Wars and injected it into the Star Trek franchise back in 2009. Shakman appreciated this strategy and praised Abrams for bringing in new fans.

“I think in rebooting it with Chris Pine and Zoe [Saldaña] and Zach [Quinto], he brought a little bit of Star Wars to it, which I think helped expand its audience, in terms of the scope and the scale of it and the energy of it,” added Shakman. “I think that that certainly is the goal is to find more and more of an audience for Star Trek. But I am, like you, a huge fan of that. And it was a real shame that I couldn’t make the timing work on that.”

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