Elizabeth Banks Wanted To Direct Thor: Ragnarok

Thanks to her role as Betty Brant in the original Spider-Man trilogy, Elizabeth Baks will always have a connection to the Marvel Universe. But a few years ago, she expressed a willingness to revisit the superhero genre in a different way. In a new interview with Variety, Banks revealed that she was “really interested” in directing Thor: Ragnarok for Marvel Studios. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like they even considered her for the job.

Banks’ acting career dates back to the late ‘90s. However, in 2015, she made her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2 before helming a Charlie’s Angels reboot in 2019. Currently, Banks is making the rounds promoting her latest directorial effort, Cocaine Bear, an off-the-wall action comedy that hits theaters on February 23. And when asked about the chances of her tackling a big franchise like the MCU, she claimed that “a call was made” to Marvel about pitching her vision for the second Thor sequel, which finally bowed in 2017. But things never went any farther than this.

“Nothing ever happened,” said Banks. “No one called me [back]. Taika Waititi got the job. Rightfully so.”

Ragnarok’s critical success is often attributed to Waititi’s unique penchant for mixing comedy and drama. But even before he came along, the script had already re-worked the titular God of Thunder into a means for Chris Hemsworth to flex his burgeoning comedy chops, which is exactly what drew Banks to the project in the first place.  

“I have an attraction to the sensibility,” added Baks. “That character being funny and knowing how good Chris is at making fun of himself, that’s my vibe.” 

In the end, Banks wants to “bring [her own] sensibility” to the films she directs, which usually isn’t a good match for big studio tentpoles. But she isn’t ruling out the possibility just yet. In fact, she even revealed that she once came up with her own take on a beloved DC character. And she does know DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn, whom she previously worked with on 2006’s Slither. Regardless, Banks admits it’s unlikely to see the light of day under the current regime.

“I had a pitch for a Catwoman movie a while ago,” said Banks. “But I don’t think it’ll fit into the mandate right now. Maybe someday.”

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