Dominique Thorne Describes Angela Bassett’s Influence on Set

Now that Angela Bassett has an Oscar nomination for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, even audiences who didn’t see the movie have some idea how good she was in it. But to her costars, she was even better. In an interview with, Ironheart/Riri Williams actress Dominique Thorne described her big throne room scene with Bassett, and what she learned.

“The biggest thing I learned from Queen Ramonda herself, Miss Angela Bassett… to take your time,” Thorne said. “My very first day on set was the scene that she and I have in the throne room, with me entering the throne room for the first time. What a day one! And I think, I was immediately sort of, of course there’s so many things that were going through my head. Just about not only the film and marveling at all of these things. But, about the scale of the set, the scale of the movie, the blue screens, all these things. And, the moment that they said action and we started the scene, it was just like such an immediate zap back to life. Back to the present moment where she was so connected and so locked in and so in it. She was now Queen Ramonda.”

“Like, yes, everyone has been running around doing their jobs. Now, it’s time for us to do ours. Let’s drop in and let’s go,” she added. “And, of course, she didn’t say anything extra, nothing more than what was written on the page. But, with that I feel like got everything I needed to know because of how focused and locked in she was.”

Moving forward, Thorne can apply those lessons to her own series and costars when Ironheart debuts on Disney+.

Do you think Bassett’s calm will score her the Oscar? Let us know in comments!

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