Netflix Execs Reveal Why Rebel Moon Will Be Split Into Two Films

Netflix recently unveiled its slate of 2023 original films in a promotional trailer titled, “Save The Dates.” The final few moments of the trailer showcased footage from Zack Snyder’s sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon. This Netflix feature is shooting to be Snyder’s version of a Star Wars adventure. Because of the film’s large scope, however, Rebel Moon will be split into two films.

In an interview with Variety, Netflix executives Kira Goldberg and Ori Marmur spoke about the year’s upcoming slate of films, including Rebel Moon. Marmur shared how the streamer’s previous relationship with Snyder gave them the confidence to greenlight two Rebel Moon films.

“As you know, he’s spent so much time working on other people’s IP at other studios. We worked with him on Army of the Dead and we did things that others couldn’t do. We made a film and then a prequel and launched a live experience,” said Marmur. “With Rebel Moon, he wanted to push the envelope again. When we saw how big the world he created was, we thought it would be better served as two pieces versus one film. It’s the kind of story that can continue to grow. He thinks of it as his take on making something like Star Wars.”

Rebel Moon depicts an intergalactic space adventure centered around Kora (Sofia Boutella) and her fight against the cruel ruler known as Balisarius (Ed Skrein). Kora must recruit warriors from other planets to save her colony and the entire galaxy from Balisarius’s tyranny.

The featured cast includes Charlie Hunnam, who plays a mysterious character in the footage, and Djimon Honsou, who plays Titus, a general in Balisarius’s army. Jena Malone, Ray Fisher, Fra Fee, Cary Elwes, Corey Stoll, Cleopatra Coleman, and Anthony Hopkins round out the ensemble.

Rebel Moon streams to Netflix on December 22.

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