Michael Giacchino to Make Feature Directorial Debut With Them!

Fresh off his work on the Marvel TV special Werewolf by Night, Michael Giacchino has found his next directorial project. And it’s similarly inspired by vintage monster flicks. According to Deadline, the Oscar-winning composer will direct a reboot of the sci-fi monster film, Them!

The reboot marks Giacchino’s feature directorial debut. Based on the 1954 film, Them! revolves around the discovery of a nest of gigantic irradiated ants in New Mexico. When two queen ants escape, chaos ensues as they battle the people of Los Angeles. A standout among ’50s giant monster movies, it received an Oscar nomination for special effects with mechanical bugs so convincing, rumor had it the movie used actual ant magnifications. The report states that Giacchino is meeting with writers to start the production fairly soon. He plans to score the film as well.

“There’s always a movie in your mind that never leaves your head,” said Giacchino. “For me, that’s Them! It wasn’t until much later in life until I learned what it was about — the nuclear age.”

“What I love about Them! is exactly what it’s called: Them! It’s about the other, the unknown which one refuses or can’t understand,” Giacchino continued. “The current version of Them! is about immigration, and to tell a story about the subject through a lens of this insane science fiction monster movie.”

2022 was a busy year for Giacchino. He composed the scores to The Batman, Jurassic World Dominion, Lightyear, and Thor: Love and Thunder. The talented composer also pulled double-duty for Werewolf by Night, serving as both the director and composer.

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Photo Credits: Getty Images/Warner Bros.

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