Producer Kelly McCormick Tried to Get Hugh Jackman for Deadpool 2


This past September, Hugh Jackman shocked the world when he announced his return to Marvel for Deadpool 3. Though Logan was supposed to be his last film as Wolverine, Jackman will come out of superhero retirement to star alongside his good friend, Ryan Reynolds. As it turns out, Jackman joining the Deadpool franchise has been in the works for years, according to producer Kelly McCormick (via

After the success of Deadpool, David Leitch was brought in to direct Deadpool 2. McCormick explained that conversations to bring in the Wolverine actor for the sequel occurred because of Jackman’s friendship with Leitch.

“Everyone was obviously incredibly excited about the actual movie, like what, you know, Ryan [Reynolds] and David [Leitch] kind of made and how amazing it was and how hard it was to play after the success of the first one and play in its own right incredibly successfully both critically as well as at the box office,” said McCormick. “That did motivate lots of energy toward what we do, all these other things and stuff.”

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“And I do think it got stymied by the switch and who, what Deadpool is under a company that really does mostly PG-13,” continued McCormick. “And more for quadrant things and I think there were lots of conversations that happened. Obviously Ryan is Deadpool and the godfather of Deadpool and so it all sort of like rested on his shoulders in those ways. Then, we just got busy is really the truth. I’m super excited about three. David and Hugh [Jackman] are friends and there had been conversations about including um, Hugh and different things when we were having those conversations back in the day. I’m just really excited for them and it was an amazing experience for us.”

Deadpool 3 hits theaters on November 8, 2024.

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