Avatar: The Way of Water IMAX Poster Highlights New Flying Creatures

The original Avatar featured no shortage of high-flying action scenes unfolding miles above Pandora’s forest landscapes. But although the moon’s vast oceans are the primary setting for the highly-anticipated sequel, fans can still expect a few more aerial combat sequences along the way. With less than a month to go before Avatar: The Way of Water arrives, Disney and 20th Century Studios have released new key art promoting the film’s IMAX 3D release. The latest poster shows Jake and Neytiri riding new flying creatures called skimwings. You can check out the full image below.

Befitting the outsized scope of the three-hour-long film, the poster invites audiences to experience the next chapter in James Cameron’s Avatar saga on the biggest screen possible. The movie is also designed to make the most of 3D technology, allowing fans to really immerse themselves in Pandora’s ethereal environments. In fact, those same fans can already get a jump on securing their seats for opening night. Tickets for The Way of Water are now on sale in all available formats.

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This isn’t the only major Avatar news we’re getting today. Just a few hours ago, Disney declared November 21 to be Avatar Day. The studio also confirmed that The Way of Water’s final trailer will air on ESPN this evening during Monday Night Football. Additionally, following a three-month absence from Disney+ to convince fans to check out its theatrical re-release in September, the original film has officially re-joined the platform’s streaming library.

Avatar: The Way of Water will hit theaters on December 16.

Will you be seeing the film in IMAX next month? Are you excited to watch the new trailer tonight? Let us know in the comment section below!

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