David Zaslav Says Gunn and Safran’s DC Bible is Almost Done

Seven months into his tenure as Warner Bros. Discovery’s new CEO, David Zaslav’s leadership strategies have been routinely called into question. But installing James Gunn and Peter Safran as the heads of DC Studios seems to be making fans happy. Last week, Gunn and Safran announced that they were in the process of developing an “eight- to 10-year plan” for DC’s future. But according to Zaslav, they are almost ready to move on to the next stage.

Zaslav (via The Hollywood Reporter) shared an update about the state of DC during an RBC-hosted conversation earlier today. It’s only been three weeks since Gunn and Safran’s hiring made the news. Regardless, Zaslav now says the pair are “coming close to the end” of finishing their bible for DC’s cinematic universe. He didn’t reveal any specifics, but it sounds like a more streamlined approach that doesn’t leave any room for multiple incarnations of the same character.

“I think over the next few years, you’re going to see a lot of growth and opportunity around DC, there’s not going to be four Batmans,” said Zaslav. “And so part of our strategy is drive the hell out of DC, which James and Peter are going to do. I think they’ve thrilled the fans. I think they’re going to thrill you over a period of time.”

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Both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are slated to appear as alternate versions of Batman when The Flash hits theaters next June. Later in 2023, Affleck will also show up as Bruce Wayne in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Recent reports have indicated that Keaton filmed his own scene for The Lost Kingdom as well. But given Zaslav’s latest comments, fans probably shouldn’t expect any more trips to the multiverse after this, especially with Robert Pattinson’s The Batman launching a new film series earlier this year. However, it’s still unclear if Pattinson’s Batman movies will share continuity with any of the projects that Gunn and Safran are planning.

In the meantime, Gunn and Safran’s goals for DC cover everything from films to TV to animation. Beyond overseeing the whole enterprise, Gunn will also continue to write and direct his own projects for the studio. He may even have a few characters earmarked for these projects already. Last week, Gunn made waves when he shared an image of Lobo to his official Mastodon account. Earlier today, Gunn provoked a similar reaction by posting a shot of Mr. Terrific.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Gunn and Safran come up with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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