Andy Serkis Reveals Why He Isn’t Directing Venom 3

Last week, Sony announced that Kelly Marcel would direct Venom 3 after writing (or co-writing) the first two entries in Tom Hardy’s symbiote saga. Marcel has never helmed a film of her own before, so it’s hard to speculate on what she will bring to the director’s chair this time. Regardless, some viewers were hoping for Andy Serkis to return after tackling Venom: Let There Be Carnage last year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. In a new interview with /Film, Serkis explained why he ultimately chose to leave the franchise behind.

Neither of Sony’s earlier Venom films were critical darlings. However, fans who enjoyed Let There Be Carnage wanted to see if Serkis could make a third installment that was even better. But in Serkis’ own words, he was just too busy to revisit Eddie Brock’s corner of the Marvel Universe.

“Look, I had a ball doing [Let There Be Carnage],” said Serkis. “Tom Hardy is such a good friend of mine, and I felt very proud of the work, and we had such fun doing it. To be the custodian of that franchise for a little while was great. I’ve got so many projects that I was just about to [work on], like Animal Farm for instance. We were just about to go into production with that, and then we delayed as Venom came up. I really have to be very on top of the ones that I’ve been building to do for such a long time. But I’m really delighted that Kelly’s doing that. She’s so in control of that material with Tom. The pair of them are such a great team to work with. I’m really excited to see what they’re going to come up with.”

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Aside from directing Let There Be Carnage last fall, Serkis also appeared as Alfred Pennyworth in The Batman earlier this year and is currently showing up in several episodes of Andor on Disney+. But his adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm has been in the works since at least 2018, so it makes sense why he would finally want to move onto that…even if it has taken a toll on his sleeping habits.

“I like working,” added Serkis. “I don’t sleep, I should really. Everyone tells me it’s really bad for you not sleeping, and I know they’re right. But I’m not great at it,”

Sony hasn’t announced a release date for Venom 3.

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