Sony’s Morbius is Now Available To Stream on Netflix

Jared Leto’s Morbius didn’t exactly move mountains at the box office when it hit theaters earlier this year. And unfortunately, its luck with critics wasn’t any better. But perhaps the film will have more success on Netflix. At midnight last night, the platform officially added Sony’s latest MCU-adjacent Marvel movie to its streaming library, giving legions of new viewers the chance to judge Leto’s performance for themselves.

Morbius marks the second Sony release (Uncharted being the first) to make its way onto the platform as part of the deal the two companies inked last year, which makes Netflix the streaming destination for all of the studio’s 2022 tentpoles. But as far as we know, Netflix didn’t announce a date for the film beforehand, making this a fun surprise. As of now, Morbius has yet to crack Netflix’s top 10 rankings for the week. However, given the buzz surrounding the movie, it’s probably only a matter of time before it earns a spot on that list.

After several delays, Sony finally released Morbius on the big screen back in April. The film was met with overwhelmingly scathing reviews, many of which took aim at the script and visual effects. And its post-credits scenes, which attempted to link its characters to the MCU, were the subject of even more ridicule. The negative response, combined with its paltry box office numbers, eventually spawned memes poking fun at the movie’s critical and commercial shortcomings, including the now-infamous “#MorbiusSweep” hashtag. Sony even tried to leverage these jokes into a theatrical re-release back in June. Unfortunately, the film only managed to rake in an additional $300,000 from these screenings.

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In any case, Morbius’ arrival on Netflix is bound to keep the memes coming for the foreseeable future. In fact, not even Netflix could resist referencing the film’s “catchprase” when they confirmed its streaming debut on Twitter earlier today. You can check out their announcement below.

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