Karen Gillan Talks the Guardians’ ‘Vibe’ With Thor in Love and Thunder

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films have always showcased a lighthearted alternative to some of the MCU’s other projects. But the Guardians’ upcoming appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder has a lot of fans excited to see how director Taika Waititi will handle their characters as they team up with Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. While speaking with Marvel.com at the sequel’s Hollywood premiere, Karen Gillan discussed what Waititi brought to Guardians’ while teasing a fun vibe between them and Hemsworth’s God of Thunder.

“Taika has such a specific style and tone,” said Gillan. “It’s completely bonkers. He has his own brand of humor, in a way, and so I think you’re gonna see the Guardians kind of plopped into that world and that sort of sense of humor. So you’re gonna see a more bonkers side of them, and it’s gonna be funny to see them interacting with each other.”

Gillan also acknowledged that she typically plays Nebula as the humorless, “straight man” compared to the other Guardians. So her character might seem an odd fit for Waititi’s comic style. Regardless, Gillan found ways to use Nebula’s stoicism to her advantage.

“She takes herself really seriously,” admitted Gillan. “And in that, I can of find a lot of comedy because there’s nothing more funny than someone who’s reacting really seriously to something when everyone’s kind of finding the humor in it. So in that sense I kind of find her funny even though she’s very much on the straighter side of things.”

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The conversation inevitably steered toward Gillan’s upcoming appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. At the moment, we can only speculate on whether Nebula will survive the events of next year’s sequel. But even if she doesn’t make it out alive, Gillan sounds pleased with her character’s arc in the film.

“It was such an amazing experience!” exclaimed Gillan. “I loved working on that movie so much, I’m about to burst. I loved it! It was so good. I just loved where the character went, I loved working with James [Gunn] again, I’m so glad that he was back with us, and it was like the family got reunited and I think we’ve taken it to a whole new level this time. And you know, there might be (maybe) a feeling of closing out a chapter of sorts and so it was a little bit bittersweet in a sense. But I think everybody has kind of just upped it for this one.”

Thor: Love and Thunder opens on July 8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will hit theaters on May 5, 2023.

Are you excited to see Gillan appear in the sequel next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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