Thor: Love and Thunder Featurette Showcases the Film’s On-Set Hijinks

Avengers: Endgame memorably showed Chris Hemsworth’s Thor at his lowest point. However, the Thunder God’s upcoming appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder will find him in much brighter spirits. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it certainly looks as though Thor is ready to cut loose in the long-awaited sequel, even with a vengeful God Butcher hot on his trail. But perhaps that wouldn’t have been possible if the on-set environment were any different.

Marvel has released a brand new featurette for Love and Thunder, which packs a lot of new behind-the-scenes footage. Unsurprisingly, we have director Taika Waititi to thank for keeping things loose during production with his “bubbly” and “energetic” personality. He also helped make things fresh for Hemsworth, who has officially been playing the MCU’s Thunder God for 10 years, and he describes his latest turn as the character as a “rebirth” of sorts.

You can watch the new featurette in the player below.

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Hemsworth goes on to explain how Thor’s varied wardrobe in the sequel is meant to reflect his “uncertainty” over his place in the universe. His identity crisis is also exacerbated by the return of his ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster, once again played by Natalie Portman. This time, Jane gets to wield Mjolnir herself and join the action as the Mighty Thor.

Portman discussed her own excitement to work with Waititi, who confesses he wasn’t afraid to dial up the flamboyancy factor in this latest installment. In fact, Hemsworth even goes so far as to call him a “genius child” at work.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens on July 8.

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