Mads Mikkelsen Compares Indiana Jones 5 To Raiders of the Lost Ark

The next Indiana Jones film is still well over a year away, but we don’t know very much about it. All we know for sure is that Harrison Ford will once again don a fedora hat in his iconic role, alongside a new cast of characters. Mads Mikkelsen is one of the standouts among Indiana Jones 5′s new additions. And while Mikkelsen isn’t at liberty to share any spoilers, he did make a very favorable comparison between the new Indy film and the original.

“[Raiders of the Lost Ark] was one of my favorite films,” said Mikkelsen during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “It just oozed that golden period of serials from the 1940s — and that’s in the fifth film as well. They’re going heavily back to the first and second film and getting that original feel, the original Indy, something dense and epic.”

“It felt like a [Steven] Spielberg film, though it’s obviously [director] James [Mangold] making it with the same vision,” added Mikkelsen.

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As for any concerns about Ford’s age interfering with his performance, Mikkelsen also praised his co-star’s physical condition.

“It was the first time I met [Ford], and he’s an insanely powerful person,” noted Mikkelsen. “Not just as an actor, but physically. I remember the first day we were shooting, it was a night shoot, then we stopped at 5 a.m. — and then he got on his mountain bike and went biking for 50 kilometers. Harrison is a monster of a man, a very nice monster.”

Indiana Jones 5 will hit theaters on June 30, 2023.

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