Morbius Vignette Teases the Larger Expanded Universe

Ever since the first trailer showed Michael Keaton, Morbius has used hints of larger crossovers to attract interest beyond its core vampire tale. And now that Spider-Man: No Way Home has broken box-office records depicting the multiverse, Sony’s leaning into it as a marketing hook. In Sony’s latest Morbius vignette, star Jared Leto hints at possible match-ups for his living vampire. But that’s not all: dialogue referring to an incident in Sam Francisco sounds like a reference to Venom.

A copy of The Daily Bugle also offers further hints where the action might take place. In the MCU, The Daily Bugle is a fringe, Infowars-type website. Here, it’s a print newspaper, as it was in the Sam Raimi films. And a closer look at that front page shows a clear reference to Black Cat, as well as a Rhino joke that’s a possible red herring.

Watch the 50-second clip below, and see what you can see:

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Combined with earlier images that show the classic Raimi Spider-Man costume on street posters, the clear suggestion is that this universe includes Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. However, comments by Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man suggest he comes from a darker universe where his Peter lost his way. And a newfound resurgence in popularity might make him more likely to show up than the semi-retired  Maguire.

Most likely, no Spidey at all will show up, and the sequel teases are simply Easter eggs. But we’ll find out starting April 1.

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