Jon Watts and Kevin Feige Talk Three Spideys in No Way Home BTS Clip

It’s not a secret any more, if it ever was much of one. Spider-Man: No Way Home brings together the three actors to play Spider-Man in live-action theatrical features. And now that the movie is finally available to purchase on digital, Fandango and Vudu today debuted an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip. In it, director Jon Watts and producer Kevin Feige discuss the coming together of all three actors, and how key it was to the conception of the third film. We also get a look at all three Spideys together on set, both for movie scenes and that pointing meme photoshoot.

Take a look in the player below:

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It’s a brief featurette, but one of many available with the movie, which appears thus far to include all the Blu-ray bonus features when purchased on Vudu. Among the others are a gag reel, easter eggs, previs shots, Daily Bugle extras, and a promo reel for the Georgia shoot that previously showed up online.

It’s hard to imagine Kevin Feige had to pitch the movie that hard to the previous actors. Given that Andrew Garfield’s movies had the perception of cynical cash-ins, and Tobey Maguire’s tenure ended in the infamous emo dance, the opportunity to revisit the role on a high note (with a hefty paycheck to boot) must surely have sounded good. At any rate, all three Spideys now appear in one of the biggest superhero films of all time.

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