Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan Will Star in an I Am Legend Sequel

Nearly 15 years after I Am Legend hit theaters, Warner Bros. is returning to the film’s post-apocalyptic wasteland with original star Will Smith in tow, and he’s even bringing a new friend along for the ride. Deadline brings word that the studio is developing a sequel with Smith appearing opposite Michael B. Jordan.

Directed by Francis Lawrence and adapted from the Richard Matheson novel of the same name, I Am Legend cast Smith as Robert Neville, a virologist who fears he may be the last man on Earth after a failed attempt to cure cancer either wipes out most of humanity’s population or turns survivors into cannibalistic mutants called Darkseekers. Neville spends his days searching for a cure in a barren New York City until a surprising turn of events leads him to discover that he isn’t as alone as he previously thought.

The sequel will mark the first time that Smith and Jordan have ever worked together. In addition to starring in the film, they will also produce through Smith’s Westbrook Studios and Jordan’s Outlier Society. Original I Am Legend screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is also coming back to pen the screenplay and will produce via Weed Road Pictures alongside Greg Lessans. However, the studio still hasn’t hired a director for the project.

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There have actually been whispers about an I Am Legend sequel for years. Goldsman previously revealed in 2014 that he worked on both a prequel and a sequel, neither of which ultimately materialized. That same year, Warner Bros. announced plans for a reboot, but this idea seems to have been officially shelved.

Outlier’s Elizabeth Raposo and Westbrook co-president Jon Mone are also producing the movie, with Westbrook’s Ryan Shimazaki overseeing the project. James Lassiter will serve as an executive producer.

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