Spider-Man: No Way Home Moves up to #6 All-Time Worldwide

Continuing to prove that the phrase “avoid it like the plague” no longer applies, Spider-Man: No Way Home keeps climbing. Appropriately enough, in its sixth week it’s now sixth in international all-time box-office, passing Disney’s photo-real Lion King remake and Universal’s Jurassic World. Sony’s highly secretive marketing paid off handsomely initially, but at this point it’s entering into repeat viewings. Plus it’s now at the point where even casual fans want to know what the fuss is all about. And there’s even some talk of an Oscar nomination, though that might normally sound like a longshot.

At $1.69 billion, it still has a ways to go to catch the next-highest global grosser. That would be Avengers: Infinity War at $2 billion, which also featured Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Above that are Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Titanic, Avengers Endgame, and Avatar. Domestically, it maintains its #4 spot with $721 million, with Avatar‘s $760 million in its sights. The Force Awakens and Avengers Endgame take #1 and #2, respectively. Since Holland’s Spidey takes part in Endgame as well, that now puts him in half of the top four U.S. all-timers.

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The only real box-office competition currently is the R-rated Scream. It won’t be until February 4th — barring the sort of last-minute date push we’ve become used to — that Spidey gets a serious rival contender in the effects-heavy, four-quadrant category with Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall. And Emmerich’s no longer a guaranteed hitmaker. Independence Day: Resurgence was his last big swing at epic global disaster, and it missed.

Domestically, DC’s biggest superhero movie remains The Dark Knight ($535 million; $1.005 billion international), at #13. Internationally, it’s Aquaman ($1.14 billion; $335 million domestic), at #24.

How high do you think the wall-crawler can ascend? Let us know in comments.

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