Two Eternals Deleted Scenes Focus on Sprite Looking Back

Marvel’s Eternals hits Disney+ this week, but the Blu-ray won’t show up for another month, until February 15. Nevertheless, Marvel Studios just revealed two of the four Eternals deleted scenes that the disc contains. While both add shades to Sprite’s character, they also contain information that was easily inferred from the story as it was. But considering they also feature finished special effects, they clearly remained up until the last minute.

In this first one, Sprite talks to Dane Whitman about why everything he thinks he knows about history is wrong. It’s not clear he believes her tales of immortality. But if we’re to take her at her word, she invented religion, money, and the economy. At least in the way humans see them. Universe creator Arishem might disagree:

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In the next scene, Sprite waxes nostalgic for Babylon. It’s up to Makkari to make the case that humans aren’t so bad nowadays. After all, a bunch of them did become superheroes and bring back half the lives in the universe from Infinity gauntlet dust.

Like most other Marvel Studios movies on Blu-ray, Eternals will include a commentary track and gag reel, as well as production featurettes.

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