Michael Keaton Joins the Cast of HBO Max’s Batgirl Movie

What the Flashpoint is happening with HBO Max’s Batgirl movie?! The inclusion of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon suggested that Batgirl shares continuity with Justice League and the DC Extended Universe. That may still be the case, but we will need an explanation about how and why Michael Keaton will appear in the film.

Earlier this morning, the Warner Bros. United Kingdom page listed Keaton as a cast member of Batgirl. Additionally, The Wrap is reporting that Keaton’s casting is confirmed. The Hollywood Reporter is also indicating that Keaton is playing Bruce Wayne/Batman. Keaton previously headlined Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns in 1989 and 1992, respectively.

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Keaton is already lined up to reprise his role in The Flash movie, which marks his return to the Dark Knight after three decades. That film is taking its influence from the Flashpoint storyline, as the Flash’s attempt to change the past completely transforms his world. Ben Affleck will also briefly reprise his role as the DCEU’s Batman in that film.

There was a rumor that Keaton might replace Affleck in the DCEU, but that remains unconfirmed. Regardless, this development may mean that there’s actually something to that rumor.

Leslie Grace will headline Batgirl as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. The film also stars Brendan Fraser and Jacob Scipio. Batgirl is in production now, and it will likely premiere on HBO Max in 2022.

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