How Kurt Cobain Influenced The Batman’s Bruce Wayne

Here he is now to entertain us. The Batman flies into theaters in 2022, but his influences may be solidly rooted in 1991. That, at least, is what Matt Reeves indicates in a new interview with Empire. While Bruce Wayne typically portrays as an old-money playboy who gathers all his vast resources to fight crime, the director had a different rich celebrity in mind. Kurt Cobain, the reluctant celebrity of ’90s Seattle alt-rock, inspired the new portrayal. The use of Nirvana’s “Something in the Way” in that first trailer? Not just an unrelated cool tune. It’s an intentional theme, and became key to Reeves’ creative process.

“When I write, I listen to music, and as I was writing the first act, I put on Nirvana’s ‘Something In The Way’,” Reeves said. “That’s when it came to me that, rather than make Bruce Wayne the playboy version we’ve seen before, there’s another version who had gone through a great tragedy and become a recluse. So I started making this connection to Gus Van Sant’s Last Days, and the idea of this fictionalized version of Kurt Cobain being in this kind of decaying manor.”

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In choosing Robert Pattinson, the director felt the actor had “that Kurt Cobain thing, where he looks like a rock star, but you also feel like he could be a recluse.”

Adds Pattinson, “Bruce has been hiding away. He’s not really a socialite at all. He’s building all these little contraptions and things, just with Alfred. And even Alfred thinks he’s gone insane!”

It seems a pretty safe bet, however, that Batman will not take his own life. Franchises need to franchise. And does this make Catwoman Courtney Love?

What do you think of this rock star comparison? Let us know in comments.

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