Sony Debuts Second Trailer For Spider-Man: No Way Home

The end of Spider-Man: Far From Home left Peter Parker in a world of trouble. After all, it’s hard to be a superhero if everyone knows who he is. Regardless, Spider-Man: No Way Home is dropping Peter into a whole multiverse of trouble. Because this time, he’s got to face villains he’s never met before. The bad guys from three generations of Spider-Man films have united. And things are looking grim in No Way Home‘s second trailer. Sony Debuts Second

Sony had a launch event for the trailer in Los Angeles. However, that didn’t stop them from taking an additional 30 minutes to getting around to showing the new trailer. We won’t make the same mistake. You wanted to see it? Here it is.

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Tom Holland headlines the film as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, with Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange. Arguably, this multiverse of madness is all of their fault. But on the bright side, it’s nice to see some “old friends” drop by. Here’s hoping that Peter survives the experience. But will this trailer be enough to satisfy fan expectations? Especially when it’s lacking a certain Daredevil and two other Spideys who have vehemently denied that they’re in the film? We all know the answer to those questions. But at least we finally got to see Electro, Sandman, Lizard, and Green Goblin join Doctor Octopus in making Peter’s life more interesting.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will hit theaters December 17.

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