Dan Trachtenberg’s Predator Movie, Prey, Reveals First Image

Earlier this year, producers John Davis and John Fox revealed several key details about Dan Trachtenberg’s long-in-the-works Predator movie, including that it would hit theaters under the vague title of Skull. However, it sounds like the filmmakers have made a few significant changes since then. As part of today’s Disney+ Day, 20th Century Studios confirmed that the film is now called Prey. Additionally, it will premiere exclusively on Hulu next summer.

The studio also shared the new logo for the film, which recalls the title treatment for the original Predator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Plus, we finally have our first official image of former Legion actress Amber Midthunder as Naru, the movie’s protagonist. Set hundreds of years ago, Prey will tell the story of the Predators’ first visit to Earth. As the logline reveals, the aliens set their sights on Comanche Nation. But they encounter a formidable foe in Naru, “a skilled warrior who fiercely protects her tribe against a highly evolved alien predator.”

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The image shows Naru armed with a bow and arrow as a large Predator skulks around in the mist behind her. Overall, it suggests that the film aims to bring the Predator series back to it’s horror-fueled roots. And after the critical failure of Shane Black’s The Predator in 2018, perhaps this is exactly what the franchise needs.

Prey marks Trachtenberg’s first feature film since 10 Cloverfield Lane hit theaters in 2016. Patrick Aison, a writer and producer on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, penned the script for the upcoming prequel. 20th Century hasn’t announced a release date.

What do you think of the new title for the prequel? Are you excited to see Midthunder’s character in action? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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