Lucasfilm Delays Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Movie

Patty Jenkins’ Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie isn’t blasting off just yet. The film, which would have been the first Star Wars entry to hit theaters since The Rise of Skywalker in 2019, was originally supposed to get underway by the end of this year. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm has removed the project from their current production schedule.

Jenkins announced Rogue Squadron during last year’s Disney Investor Day presentation. But by that point, she had already been working on the film for six months alongside co-writer Matthew Robinson. Originally, the plan was to start pre-production by late 2021 with filming scheduled to begin in 2022. However, Jenkins’ other commitments are keeping her from visiting the galaxy far, far away next year.

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Right now, Jenkins’ future slate includes Wonder Woman 3 and a new Cleopatra movie starring Gal Gadot. Jenkins is also still presumably developing an Amazons spinoff set in the DC Extended Universe, but this has yet to be given an official green light from Warner Bros. In fact, Wonder Woman 3 was supposed to start shooting after Jenkins finished work on Rogue Squadron for Lucasfilm. However, this might be changing.

Despite this latest shakeup, the studio remains optimistic that Jenkins will be able to resume work on the film sooner rather than later. Rogue Squadron is still scheduled to come out on December 22, 2023. Disney may choose to hold that date for another movie. But for now, it remains unchanged.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate advertising program also provides a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. When will Patty Jenkins return to this project? It’s anyone’s guess, really. Wonder Woman 3 is probably going to happen first. It’s also the most likely film for Jenkins to jump on next. This may mean that Rogue Squadron is several years away. Hopefully Jenkins and Lucasfilm will use that time wisely. Rushing a Star Wars film has never worked out well for anyone. Additionally, someone needs to pick which Star Wars story will mark the franchise’s return to the big screen. That may be an even harder question for the company to answer, given its recent creative struggles in theaters.