Will Smith is Willing To Play Deadshot Again on the Big Screen

Only a handful of performers from Suicide Squad came back for The Suicide Squad earlier this year. One of the most notable absences was Will Smith, who headlined the previous film as Floyd Lawton a.k.a Deadshot. However, the door is still open for Smith to return in the future. During a recent interview with GQ’s Undercover, Smith expressed his willingness to revisit Deadshot. Additionally, he appears to have been unaware that Idris Elba didn’t replace him as Deadshot.

“They left Deadshot out, right?” asked Smith. “So Idris is playing a different character or is he playing Deadshot?” After receiving confirmation that Elba wasn’t playing Deadshot, Smith replied “all right, cool, so I can come back.”

It should be noted that Smith’s confusion is understandable. When Elba joined the film, it was widely rumored that he would take over the role of Deadshot. Even after it was revealed that Elba was playing Bloodsport, certain aspects of his character resemble Deadshot’s story from the first film. For example, both Bloodsport and Deadshot have complicated relationships with their daughters.

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Smith also confirmed the reason why he couldn’t return for The Suicide Squad. He was simply working on another project at the time.

“Yeah, I was working and they were ready to shoot,” said Smith. “It was a timing issue.”

The Suicide Squad didn’t exactly light up the summer box office, which makes a direct sequel unlikely in the near future. There were mitigating circumstances, including the pandemic and the film’s availability on HBO Max. Regardless, HBO Max’s upcoming Peacemaker series is the only confirmed Suicide Squad follow up in the pipeline.

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