Apple TV+ Releases New Footage and Official Poster for Finch

The last time fans saw Tom Hanks in a sci-fi movie was in 2012’s Cloud Atlas. In a few weeks, the fan-favorite actor will take the lead in Finch, a story about a robotics engineer living with his faithful dog and a robot after surviving a natural cataclysm. The film, directed by Game of Thrones and Altered Carbon alum Miguel Sapochnik had a long-gestated production, but it is now finally ready to debut. The producers have dropped a few seconds from the upcoming movie in a recent promo featuring all new shows coming to Apple TV+ in the next months. The footage features Hanks’ titular scientist encouraging his unusual companions to prevail.

You can watch it in the player below.

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The official description for Finch reads:

“A man, a robot and a dog form an unlikely family in a powerful and moving adventure of one man’s quest to ensure that his beloved canine companion will be cared for after he’s gone. Hanks stars as Finch, a robotics engineer and one of the few survivors of a cataclysmic solar event that has left the world a wasteland. But Finch, who has been living in an underground bunker for a decade, has built a world of his own that he shares with his dog, Goodyear. He creates a robot, played by [Caleb Landry] Jones, to watch over Goodyear when he no longer can.”

“As the trio embarks on a perilous journey into a desolate American West, Finch strives to show his creation, who names himself Jeff, the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. Their road trip is paved with both challenges and humor, as it’s as difficult for Finch to goad Jeff and Goodyear to get along as it is for him to manage the dangers of the new world.”

Finch will debut on Apple TV+ on Nov. 5. In the meantime, you can check the official poster here below.

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