Timothée Chalamet Compares Dune’s Importance to Harry Potter

Up-and-coming star Timothée Chalamet will soon make his appearance as Paul Atreides in Dune. But while the movie will debut at the Venice International Film Festival, US fans will have to wait for October to watch Chalamet’s latest effort in Denis Villeneuve’s movie. In a recent interview with Deadline, the 27-year old explained his enthusiasm for landing the leading role in the epic saga, confessing that it bore some nervousness too. He then compared the cultural importance of  Frank Herber’s novel to Harry Potter.

“It was nerve-wracking from the announcement, because like I said before, the fans of the book, and the fans of David Lynch version, the computer game, and everything, there’s so much love and strength of feeling. And so much of our pop culture and films and books have been derived from Dune, and all the philosophy the book. I’ve been shocked to learn how many people have a next-level connection to the book. I compare it to how our generation grew up with Harry Potter, and that one makes sense to me. But it’s cool to see with Dune also, when you actually sit down and read it… It’s not that it’s a quote-unquote hard read or anything, but it’s not made to be consumed easily, I think that’s fair to say.”

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The actor also confirmed that, if Warner Bros. greenlights the second part, Zendaya would have the chance to explore her character more in-depth.

“Definitely, Chani will play a huge role in the next film. I don’t know if there’s a script yet, but just based on the book, along with Lady Jessica [Rebecca Ferguson], they have a lot to do together, let’s put it like that.”

Dune will hit theaters and HBO Max on October 22.

Do you agree with Chalamet’s comparison between Dune and Harry Potter? Let us know in the comment section below!

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