Latest Eternals Trailer Deals With the Ramifications of Thanos

Ever since Marvel Studios announced the Eternals movie, fans of the MCU kept asking one major question. If godlike beings watched over Earth for 7,000 years, where were they when Thanos wiped out half the population? In the brand new trailer for Chloe Zhao‘s upcoming epic, we get an answer. And not just an answer, but a revelation that the “blip,” or “un-snappening,” has major cosmic consequences. Who says? The Celestials, by the looks of it. And the latest Eternals trailer reveals more.

Take a look below. It’s billed as the “final” one, but since the movie’s more than two months away, that may change.

Talk about an epic scope. Celestials, Deviants, multiple time periods…and at the end, just to reassure everyone this isn’t a Zack Snyder film, we get a down-to-earth joke. And the clock looks to be ticking. Whatever the Eternals have to do in this movie, it must get done within seven days. It appears the team members have gone their separate ways, and step one will involve reassembling the group.

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Marvel Studios also released a new poster, with a different take on the previous group shot. Take a look:

Eternals‘ currently scheduled theatrical debut date will be November 5. It will also mark a return to 3D for Marvel Studios in select screens.

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