Eternals Cast, Producer Tease Frenemy Relationship Between Members

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get rocked when Eternals debuts in theaters. The movie directed by Academy Award-winner director Chloé Zhao will introduce plenty of new characters as Sersi and the rest of the Eternals will make their first live-action appearance. In the story, the titular heroes are an alien race who keep watch over Earth for thousands and thousands of years. And they weren’t always friends with each other, which might have left some marks in their relationships.

“It’s a little bit like being on a road trip with nine of your closest friends for 7,000 years,” Eternals producer Nate Moore said while talking with EW. “In development, we joked that it’s like if Tony Stark and Steve Rogers lived together for that long. That friendship will turn into frenemies, and then turn into enemies, and then come back to friendship because you have that common bond. It’s like a family.”

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The Eternals are led by Sersi, who has some peculiar powers. The producers opted for a change, considering that Ikaris usually leads the superpowered ensemble in the comics.

“She’s not the most obviously impressive Eternal in terms of her powers,” actress Gemma Chan explained. “She’s not the strongest, and she’s not the best fighter, but her power really is her empathy.”

Something that comic book fans will see in the upcoming movie is the relationship between Sersi and Ikaris. Together, they guided the Eternals all those years.

“You’ve got to have this huge compassion for the human beings you’re with, but then also, you’ve got this huge disconnect from them because you’ve lived through all of this time,” actor Richard Madden said. “That’s what is so good about Sersi and Ikaris together, that they are two opposing sides of how they connect with the world. That’s what balances them.”

Eternals hits theaters on November 5.

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