First Shang-Chi Reactions Praise Marvel’s Mastery of Martial Arts

Did anyone worry that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was losing its touch? Because it seems Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings may put any doubts to rest. The martial-arts-themed superhero movie had its Hollywood premiere last night, with plenty of press in attendance. And while fans at a premiere can get swept up in the enthusiasm, it’s notable that these responses read more unequivocally positive than for What If…? Here are some of the first Shang-Chi reactions.

Folks who are usually pretty enthusiastic remain so:

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But even those who consider themselves more reserved than usual also had fun.

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In general, this reaction sums up most:

Seems safe to say Simu Liu is a hit with fans.

One other thing to note: the film’s release date is still two weeks away. If Disney had their doubts about the film’s reception, they’d have held off the premiere until closer to Sept 3. It’s a sign of confidence that they’ve lifted the social media embargo already.

Do you feel good about these early reactions? Let us know in comments below!

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