The Suicide Squad’s King Shark Gets a Shark Week Promo

Today marks the beginning of Shark Week on Discovery Channel, when the network attempts to draw in the eyeballs of viewers who wouldn’t normally care for nature shows. Because everyone loves sharks…from a distance, and on the TV. As opposed to actually in the ocean next to us humans. Anyone who doubts the appeal of sharks on the screen need only l0ok at the way King Shark became the breakout character in The Suicide Squad trailers. And now, the humanoid ocean predator, known to his friends as Nanaue, has a new promo to capitalize on and hijack a hashtag.

Part of the appeal here is that he has cute little eyes like a Funko Pop or Minimate. Part of it is that he doesn’t seem to know better than to try to eat friends. And a huge aspect of the attraction here is Sylvester Stallone, totally caricaturing the image people used to have of him as an inarticulate, dumb guy. But also, as every incarnation of the character will tell you, it fundamentally comes down to one thing. King Shark is a shark.

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James Gunn might have created the next Groot. Especially if the movie contains any scenes of Baby King Shark. And if he doesn’t die at the end.

Do you consider King Shark the breakout character so far? Let us know in comments.

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