Chris McKay Says Revenge Would Be a Major Theme of His Nightwing Movie

Last week, director Chris McKay surprised a lot of fans when he revealed that even though there have been no recent developments on the Nightwing movie he was hired to direct in 2017, the project is still very much on the table. In the years since McKay was first brought onboard, DC has moved in other directions with Dick Grayson’s second superhero persona. A version of the character currently appears on HBO Max’s Titans, with Brenton Thwaites playing the role. But it sounds like McKay has ideas for how to set his version apart from previous incarnations.

McKay shared more about his aims for Nightwing while plugging his latest movie, The Tomorrow War (via We already knew that Dick’s Blüdhaven stomping grounds would factor heavily into the film’s story. But this time around, McKay shared how the city’s criminal element would tie into the overall theme of vengeance.

“It becomes a revenge movie and it’d be an introduction to Nightwing and the world of Blüdhaven,” said McKay. “There was going to be a lot of villains. It was going to be a […] character study about this guy who grew up with sort of a bad dad. How that made him as a young adult try to fight off and go as far away from that world as humanly possible and get dragged back into it.”

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Additionally, McKay was asked about the possibility of Batman making an appearance in the film, although he wouldn’t confirm or deny that this was in the cards.

“There was still some stuff that was needed to be determined of what that was going to look like,” added McKay. “It was like you were picking up a Nightwing comic. You’re not guaranteed Batman was going to show up, but he could show up and other people could show up. But again, you’re dealing with Nightwing and that’s what I like about it. I like the idea of we don’t necessarily connect to certain things, we can just have it be a story that takes place in Blüdhaven or with Dick Grayson and his world. How he became Nightwing and why he became Nightwing. There was a lot of stuff I liked about the approach.”

Whether DC actually lets McKay bring his Nightwing vision to life remains up in the air. In the meantime, fans can watch The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime starting on July 2.

What do you think of McKay’s ideas for Nightwing? Let us know in the comments down below!

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