Zack Snyder Compares Army of the Dead to a Flipped Braveheart

While a few lucky American fans have already watched it, the rest of the world is still waiting for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead to debut on Netflix. As the official release will happen in a matter of hours, people involved with the project are promoting the movie at full throttle. Snyder recently assured the fans that his take on zombies is quite different from anything they have ever seen so far. Per the director, his film is a sort of flipped Braveheart, with humans playing the role of the Englishmen and the zombies as the Scottish people.

“I honestly thought it’s like a medieval film, too, in some ways, because these foreigners come in, they make a truce and then they commence to just betray that truce in every possible way,” he said while talking with USA Today. “This could be like Braveheart, but flipped.”

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The director also offered an interpretation for his words. Basically, he loved to change perspective as his story is one “where the monsters are us.” The movie might also resemble a home-invasion film, “but we’re the invaders,” and, ultimately, the zombies can’t take it anymore. “It’s literally like, ‘Stop (expletive) with us. We’re just trying to live our lives in here.’”

Army of the Dead is currently playing in limited theatrical release, and will hit Netflix on May 21.

Have you already watched Army of the Dead? If so (no spoilers, please), do you agree with Snyder’s take? Let us know in the comments section below.

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