Sonya’s Mortal Kombat Fight With Kano Was a Last-Minute Addition

The Mortal Kombat reboot has just debuted and has brought a new adaptation of the fan-favorite character Sonya Blades. In her latest iteration, Sonya is portrayed by Australian actress Jessica McNamee. The movie featured the iconic rivalry between Sonya and Kano, which ultimately led to a fight to the death between the two. While talking with THR, the actress revealed that the ultimate clash between Sonya and Kano almost didn’t happen.

“I love working with Josh [Lawson], and that fight was also a late addition,” McNamee said. “As the filming progressed and we started to see this relationship come to light between Kano and Sonya, they were like, ‘Alright, I think we really need to end with some epic battle between the two.’ Initially, I think it had been a much more swift ending for Kano. So they added that fight late in the piece, and we learned that choreography maybe a week before we actually had to shoot it. They actually added an extra week of shooting so we could knock that one out.”

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The actress then tackled the character’s future in the hypothetical sequels, which might fish from the video game mythology for the former U.S. Special Forces soldier.

“Broad strokes, I know that she ends up having a relationship with Johnny Cage,” she added. “She also has a daughter, Cassie Cage, as well. There are so many ways they can go because there’s so much backstory to all of these characters, but I would love to see that explored. I would love to see Johnny Cage enter the mix and go up against Kano. They’re such big personalities and they’re both such narcissists in their own way. So I would love to see them go head-to-head, as Sonya would be stuck in the middle of it all. So that would be cool. I also know she has a lot of history in terms of her father and her brother because they both died. So it’d be interesting to explore that. And her and Jax have a huge backstory, too, so there’s a lot of room to play there.”

Mortal Kombat is available in theaters and HBO Max.

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