Simon McQuoid Talks Mortal Kombat Sequel, Notable Absences

After much anticipation, the reboot of Mortal Kombat has made its debut. So far, the movie is gathering mixed reactions from fans and critics alike, but has brought to the big screen many iconic characters from the legendary franchise. While the story is slightly different from what long-time fans might have expected, it opens the door for a sequel (or more than one). Director Simon McQuoid is open to shoot some more Mortal Kombat, especially if the fans ask for it.

“Sequels are a bit tricky because you can’t totally ignore them, because that wouldn’t be a smart move, but none of us used the “s-word.” We’d never talk about it in any depth whatsoever because we feel like we have to put all our energy into this film,” he said while talking with Variety. “That being said, if the fans want another one, that’s not for us to decide; that’s for the fans to decide. Then, we need a couple of joiner pieces that we know can lead us somewhere because there’s a treasure trove of stuff that’s just sitting there.”

The director added that a hypothetical sequel would be “a little more female,” praising the “fantastic” female characters in the franchise. On top of that, it would likely feature Johnny Cage and Kitana, some of the most notable characters missing from the reboot.

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McQuoid then explained why there isn’t a tournament in the movie since Mortal Kombat is known for pitting fighters against each other in the arena. The director stated that they didn’t want to redo what fans saw in Paul W. S. Anderson’s take from 1995.

“The story came out of this idea that we didn’t just want to redo the first film,” he said. “If you look at Mortal Kombat’s evolution over the decades, that has evolved and grown beyond the idea of the tournament. That’s obviously essential within the DNA of Mortal Kombat, and it’s one of the fundamentals, if you look at where the story has gone. The idea of a tournament within a script informs a certain structure and rhythm. We didn’t really want to serve that. To serve a tournament idea, you have to build it a certain way. So it was a couple of reasons that came to it playing out in the way it did.”

Mortal Kombat is available in theaters and HBO Max.

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