Snyder and Bautista Praise “Badass” Alpha Zombies in Army of the Dead

A few hours ago, Netflix dropped the official trailer for the upcoming zombie movie directed, written, and produced by Zack SnyderArmy of Dead. In the story, Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward has to put out a $200 million heist amidst a zombie apocalypse. And it seems that Scott and his team won’t deal with traditional zombies — the ones made famous by George A. Romero — but also a bunch of lethal Alpha zombies who, together with their zombie tigers, want to feast on the protagonists’ flesh. But there’s more than that, apparently. Director Snyder wished to explore if zombies can have a moral compass.

“Alphas have consciousness and they’re self-aware and they’re not like us,” Snyder said while talking with Empire. “So I wanted to create this moral ambiguity about whether or not humans that we love in the movie crossed a line. Was there a thing that they did to the Alphas, when the Alphas were minding their own business? And therefore, do the Alphas have the the moral high ground? It muddies the water, in a good way.”

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Bautista, a former professional wrestler and WWE champion, praised the people portraying the living dead on the screen. Previously, he had many words of praise for Snyder and acknowledged that he agreed to work on this movie after discovering the different layers to the story.

“The Alpha zombies are just complete badasses,” he said. “The athleticism of some of these people, I’ve never had and never will have in my life.”

The film will hit select theaters on May 14 and will debut on Netflix starting May 21.

What do you think of the Alpha zombies in the Army of the Dead trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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