Simon McQuoid Says Mortal Kombat Can Stay Faithful and Add New Fans

In a matter of days, the new adaptation of Mortal Kombat will finally debut. Since its first installment in 1992, the fan-favorite franchise has made violence and gore a trademark of the many video games and other media that joined the larger Mortal Kombat Universe. And it looks like Warner Bros. hasn’t sugarcoated the upcoming movie either. According to director Simon McQuoid, they worked to present those trademarks to a new public. At the same time, they also attempted to please hardcore fans by not straying too far from the source.

“We really did consider the new fans a lot in this film, but we always felt that we could respect the fans and the material and not alienate anyone new,” McQuoid said while talking with Comicbook. “We wanted to actually expand it out to new people rather than change it to make it easier for new people. So, that was quite a fundamental point of view going in. But it’s like, ‘No, no, let’s expand it out so more people can enjoy the truth of what’s here rather than change that truth.'”

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The movie should have debuted in January 2021, but it was rescheduled following the COVID-19 outbreak. The reboot wrapped principal photography in December 2019. It was initially going to reconvene for reshoots in spring 2020, but the pandemic forced the cast and crew to postpone their on-set appointments to fall. After the latest — and, hopefully, last — postponement, the reboot of Mortal Kombat will hit theaters and HBO Max on April 23.

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