New Godzilla vs. Kong Spot Promises Only One Alpha Titan

Kong bows to no one, but this isn’t going to stop Godzilla from defending his title as the one true Alpha Titan. Warner Bros. and Legendary have released yet another preview for Godzilla vs. Kong. Dubbed “Salvation,” the new spot highlights some fresh scenes from the upcoming big screen brawl. It also looks like it teases the arrival of a third contender for the title of kaiju king.

Many fans will be happy to see that this latest teaser is fairly light on human characters, giving the film’s namesake titans more time to shine. As always, the visual effects continue to amaze. Even something as simple as an unconscious Kong getting airlifted near a snowy mountain pass is visually arresting. But of course, this is nothing compared to the gratuitous creature-on-creature action, which manifests itself here in new footage of the monsters’ aircraft carrier skirmish as well as their climactic battle in Tokyo.

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However, the preview’s closing shot is bound to send viewers into a frenzy. One popular theory that keeps making the rounds concerns the reason for Godzilla’s beef with Kong. It might be a stretch, but some fans don’t believe that this is the real King of the Monsters brawling with the protector of Skull Island. Instead, they think it’s MechaGodzilla in disguise. We won’t know for sure if this is the case until the movie premieres in two weeks. But the eyes reflected in one of the titans’ pupils definitely appear to have a mechanical glow…

Godzilla vs. Kong hits theaters and HBO Max on March 31.

You can watch the new teaser for the film below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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