Chris Evans’ High School Friends Shot Captain America Set Footage

Marvel Studios typically runs a tight set these days, with total lockdown to keep outsiders from spoiling anything. But that wasn’t always the case. When Chris Evans initially played Captain America in The First Avenger, he brought two of his high school buddies along. Zach and Jon served as his “assistants,” and filmed behind-the-scenes footage. It’s not the standard Marvel Blu-ray extra stuff, as Evans revealed on Twitter today. Zach, it seems, did all the filming, while Jon dissed his movie star friend and jokingly rooted for him to fail. Take a look:

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Yes, Jon is rooting for Evans to fall despite the fact that, as Zach points out, he’s in a safety harness and can’t. This was in 2010, and even if Evans has never impressed the jaded Jon since, he certainly got the rest of the world’s approval. It’s hard to imagine nowadays that Disney would just let a guy’s best friends film the set, but likely that Zach and Jon have plenty more. Do we need to start a campaign to #ReleaseTheZachAndJonCut?

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