Viola Makes a Daring Escape in Lionsgate’s Newest Chaos Walking Clip

Crash-landing on a planet where everyone’s thoughts are on display is bad enough. But when you’re the only woman on that planet, it puts an easy target on your back, so there’s only one viable option: escape, which is exactly what Viola (Daisy Ridley) does in the latest clip from Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking.

The film follows Ridley’s character after she arrives on the mysterious planet where all the men are afflicted by a phenomenon known as the Noise. Eventually, she winds up in a settlement run by Mayor David Prentiss (Mads Mikkelsen). It’s still not clear what Prentiss’ intentions are for his town’s latest visitor. But whatever they may be, they’re enough to convince Viola to hightail it out of there on a dirt bike.

Ridley isn’t a stranger to good old-fashioned chase scenes thanks to her work in the Star Wars films. And while the bike isn’t as aerodynamic as one of Rey’s speeders, she’s able to put a good bit of distance between herself and Prentiss’ forces. Also giving chase is Todd (Tom Holland), who becomes Viola’s ally in her quest for survival.

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Many theaters remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. And with two weeks left until Chaos Walking’s premiere, that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon. However, this isn’t stopping Lionsgate from launching ticket pre-sales for the movie. You can check out the announcement video below.

Chaos Walking will hit theaters on March 5.

You can watch the new clip from the film in the player below. Then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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