Mayor Prentiss Explains the Noise in a New Clip From Chaos Walking

The jury’s still out on whether Chaos Walking will be able to make its current March release date. Regardless, the all-star pairing of Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley makes it one of the year’s most highly-anticipated movies. Still, anyone who hasn’t read author Patrick Ness’ original novels may have been confused by the film’s first trailer, which introduced the phenomenon known as the Noise. Fortunately, Lionsgate has released a new clip that sheds a bit more light on the movie’s premise.

In the clip, Mads Mikkelsen’s David Prentiss sits down with Viola (Ridley) shortly after she crashes on his planet. He explains that the Noise only affects the men on their world and puts all of their thoughts on display for anyone to hear. However, some of the planet’s inhabitants (including Prentiss himself) have found a way of controlling it. Viola is also stunned when Prentiss tells her that the women who lived in his colony are all dead.

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Prentiss also happens to be the mayor of his own settlement, aptly named Prentisstown. And although he comes across as benevolent in this clip, his motives are far more sinister than he’s letting on. When Todd (Holland) discovers this, he takes Viola on the run with him in order to protect her. The film’s supporting cast also includes Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas, David Oyelowo, and Kurt Sutter.

Chaos Walking hits theaters on March 5.

You can watch the new clip from the film below, then put your own thoughts on display in the comment section!

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