WarnerMedia Backs Up Walter Hamada Following Ray Fisher’s Accusation

The never-ending controversy between Ray Fisher and Warner Bros adds a new chapter to the record. A few hours after Fisher shared a long post where he elaborated his claim that DC Films president Walter Hamada attempted to interfere with the Justice League investigations, WarnerMedia replied with a public statement. The entertainment conglomerate defended Hamada and reiterated their support to the current DC Films president.

“I believe in Walter Hamada and that he did not impede or interfere in the investigation,” said WarnerMedia chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff in a statement (via THR). “Furthermore, I have full confidence in the investigation’s process and findings. Walter is a well-respected leader, known by his colleagues, peers, and me as a man of great character and integrity. As I said in Walter’s recent deal extension announcement, I’m excited about where he’s taking DC Films and look forward to working with him and the rest of the team to build out the DC Multiverse.”

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The above-mentioned investigations were set in motion following Fisher’s accusations of misconduct to director Joss Whedon and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg on the Justice League set. Even though Warner Bros. never made the specifics public, the investigations ended up with WarnerMedia’s claim that those responsible received some punishment.  Subsequently, Fisher accused Hamada of having attempted to “undermine” the Justice League investigation. Finally, the actor stated that he wouldn’t take part in any future production involving Hamada.

What do you think about WarnerMedia’s statement? How do you think this story will end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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