Ray Fisher Confirms Flash Exit, Expands on Hamada Charges

Despite Warner Bros.’ wishes, it’s clear that Ray Fisher has no plans to “move on” from holding top studio brass accountable for the way he and others were allegedly treated on the set of Justice League’s reshoots in 2017. One of the primary targets of Fisher’s ire in recent months has been Walter Hamada, the DC Films president who Fisher has accused of trying to shield his former co-president, Geoff Johns, from allegations of misconduct. Fisher has since refused to appear in any DC movie where Hamada maintains his executive position. Now, Fisher has shared new details about his beef with Hamada in his longest Twitter statement yet.

Fisher began his statement by confirming that he won’t appear as Victor Stone/Cyborg in The Flash movie. Apparently, his character was going to have a more substantial role than previously reported. But in the wake of his public comments against WB, the studio has decided to “remove” him from the film. Fisher then offered new insight into Hamada’s attempts to “interfere” with WarnerMedia’s Justice League investigation, which began after he accused director Joss Whedon of unprofessional behavior.

“Rather than escalate the situation when initially asked, Walter disparaged Joss Whedon and Jon Berg in an attempt to cover for Geoff Johns,” wrote Fisher. “When I altered Walter that Geoff was, in fact, a major contributor to the issues experienced – including blatant racism – Walter tried, but to no avail, to get me to reveal the names of witnesses and other specifics that could be used to forewarn Geoff of the claims being brought against him. Walter even went so far as to sharply dismiss certain claims of mine as untrue because of his work experience and personal relationship with Geoff.”

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“Walter indicated that he was briefed on Joss Whedon’s problematic behavior well in advance of my speaking out on July 1st 2020.” continued Fisher. “That briefing likely came from Geoff Johns, with whom Walter served as co-president of DC Films. Regardless of how he was made aware, Walter knew that there was legitimacy to my claims against Joss Whedon, yet he persisted in trying to minimize and dismiss the situation – claiming that it is a producer’s job to “protect the director” and that he was looking “to move beyond” anything to do with Zack Snyder’s Justice League.”

According to Fisher, WarnerMedia’s investigation did find evidence of Johns’ “racist, coercive, discriminatory, and retaliatory” behavior. As far as we know, DC isn’t severing their decades-long relationship with Johns anytime soon. But as far as Fisher is concerned, the buck stops with Hamada. And if he has to leave the role of Cyborg behind, it’s a price he’ll “gladly” pay.

“I maintain that Walter Hamada is unfit for a position of leadership,” added Fisher. “And I am willing, at any point, to submit to a polygraph test to support my claims against him. I don’t know how many instances of workplace abuse Walter has attempted to cover in the past. But hopefully the Justice League investigation will be the last.”

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