Patty Jenkins Addresses Cheetah’s Fate in Wonder Woman 1984

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman 1984!

There’s a lot that can be said about Barbara Minerva/Cheetah’s role in Wonder Woman 1984. Some viewers were pleasantly surprised by Kristen Wiig’s performance as one of Wonder Woman’s greatest villains. However, other fans found her story arc to be underdeveloped and riddled with clichés. But this might not be the last we see of Barbara on the big screen. According to Patty Jenkins, she deliberately left Cheetah’s fate open-ended. This leaves room for a possible comeback in the next film.

Barbara’s wish to become an “apex predator” turned her into a feline supervillain. However, the last time we saw Barbara, she had reverted back to her human form after Diana used her Lasso of Truth to convince the world to renounce their wishes. In a new interview with Den of Geek, Jenkins hinted that this could set the stage for Barbara’s return.

“I have my reasons for making it ambiguous,” said Jenkins. “And I think it’s not clear what her point of view [is] on everything that just happened …  I love that we wrap up Max Lord’s point of view, and that you see the culmination of that storyline, I think is so important. But the truth is there may or may not be more to come [for Barbara].”

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Jenkins has previously said that Wonder Woman 3 won’t be another period piece. Instead, the next sequel will be a “contemporary story,” which leads us to wonder how the filmmakers will handle Barbara’s appearance if she does come back. As Bleeding Cool notes, we know that Barbara rescinded her “apex predator” wish. But if she still has Diana’s powers, that would mean she no longer ages normally. Theoretically, that could make a rematch between the two more feasible.

Would you like to see Wiig return as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 3? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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