Patty Jenkins Sheds Light on a Key Wonder Woman 1984 Scene

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman 1984!

Now that Wonder Woman 1984 is finally out, we have a lot of questions about the Amazon heroine’s latest adventure. One of these concerns the surprise appearance of Diana’s invisible jet, which was her primary means of transportation in the comics for decades. Although not without its defenders, the jet has also been the butt of many jokes over the years. But according to director Patty Jenkins, its arrival was unavoidable.

In the movie, Diana and Steve Trevor steal a plane off the Smithsonian runway to follow Maxwell Lord to Egypt. To avoid radar detection, Diana uses the same enchantment that her father, Zeus, used to hide Themyscira from Man’s World. In a recent interview with Collider, Jenkins explained how this was her way of taking an object of ridicule from the comics and making it palatable to a wider audience.

“That was something that I was dead set on,” said Jenkins. “I remember when I started saying I wanted to do Wonder Woman and someone said to me, ‘Well, how do we make her cool?’ And I was like, ‘Well, first of all, hire someone who already thinks she’s cool, like me.’ And number two, none of them are cool. Like none of these characters are cool on the page in the 1950s. We make them cool. And so I was like, the invisible jet was the absolute hardest thing to figure out how to make it cool because of everything you’d ever seen of her sitting in the seat.”

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“I was like, ‘I’m going to figure this out one of these days, how to make this invisible jet,’” continued Jenkins. “So I just remember it was a moment that [co-screenwriter] Geoff Johns and I were sitting together and talking about a scene and how they get to Egypt. And all of a sudden we were like, ‘Oh my God.’ We figured out how to do that scene. I was so psyched and I worked so hard on [it]. It made sense, that if her father hid Themyscira, then they figured out how to make the wall. And so it was such a cool thing to figure out.”

Since Diana learned to “fly” by the end of the movie, the jet probably won’t return in Wonder Woman 3. Regardless, its appearance in WW84 was a nice homage to a big part of Wonder Woman’s comic book history. It also gave Jenkins another chance to indulge her lifelong fascination with aeronautics, which should serve her well on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for Lucasfilm.

Were you happy to see the invisible jet show up in Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know in the comment section below!

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