Zack Snyder Restoring Imax Aspect Ratio to Batman v Superman

If restoring his original concept for Justice League wasn’t enough, director Zack Snyder has apparently been busy with his other DC superhero mashup movie. Yes, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is looking to make Martha proud once more. On his Vero account today, Snyder posted that “we were working on the remastering of BvS restoring the IMAX aspect ratio and I think you’re gonna see a bit more.”

Like many movies that utilize some Imax footage, Batman v Superman in theaters would change aspect ratios for the Imax scenes, expanding the size of the screen vertically. Frustratingly for film fans, this effect is rarely duplicated on home entertainment or streaming versions, with some exceptions. Usually, the Imax image is simply cropped on the top and bottom to match the rest of the film. The difference doesn’t generally change anyone’s opinion of the final film. But for fans, it’s noticeable. And any chance to see as much of a favorite film’s footage as possible is usually welcome. In this case, the “Knightmare” sequence in particular stands to benefit.

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It’s unclear whether the restoration would be for HBO Max or a new home video version. Or whether it would affect both the theatrical and extended versions. We’d bet on HBO Max, given their relationship with Snyder and DC. And then we’ll see if he plans to tinker with Man of Steel as well.

Will you buy or watch yet another version of Batman v Superman? Let us know in comments.

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