The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Gets Release Date and Trailer

March 19th. Now we can officially save the date for the return of Captain America’s best protegees. And judging by the new trailer, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are a bit of an odd couple. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) still give each other a hard time. It makes sense. After all, we’d expect that cyborg victims of brainwashing beginning in World War II don’t make friends easily. But even then, there seems to be some failure to communicate. Except when it counts. And yes, Helmut Zemo is back to put every patriotic alliance to the test. But new masked foes appear as well.

Take a look at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Surprisingly, we don’t see a whole lot of shield-wielding…yet. No doubt they’re both trying to earn the right to use the iconic vibranium symbol. But there’s a whole lot of wingsuit action. Georges St-Pierre’s Batroc the Leaper is also expected to return, along with Wyatt Russell as a replacement Captain America of sorts, John Walker.

And of all the newly announced projects, this one doesn’t seem to have any connection to the multiverse concept. Yet.

Are you ready to watch Sam and Bucky in March? Let us know in comments!

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