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Christopher Nolan Says the Time Was Right for His Dark Knight Trilogy

Director Christopher Nolan still holds a special place in the hearts of comic-related movie fans. After grossing over $2.4 billion at the worldwide box office with his Dark Knight Trilogy, Nolan helped relaunch the genre and acted as a trailblazer for many superhero-related movie directors. While talking with IndieWire, the director explained why he believes 2005 was the right time for Batman Begins to debut.

“It was the right moment in time for the telling of the story I wanted to do,” he said. “The origin story for Batman had never been addressed in film or fully in the comics. There wasn’t a particular or exact thing we had to follow. There was a gap in movie history. Superman had a very definitive telling with Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner. The version of that with Batman had never been told. We were looking at this telling of an extraordinary figure in an ordinary world.”

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Batman Begins was then followed by 2008’s The Dark Knight and 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, all written and directed by Nolan. In the same interview, the director went on to elaborate on another advantage he had, which is the luxury of time.

“The other advantage we had was back then you could take more time between sequels,” he added. “When we did Batman Begins, we didn’t know we’d do one and it took three years to do it and then four years before the next one. We had the luxury of time. It didn’t feel like a machine, an engine of commerce for the studio.”

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