Sony Moves Up Monster Hunter To Christmas Day

It looks like Wonder Woman 1984 is getting some competition this holiday season. According to Deadline, Sony has moved up the release date for its long-gestating Monster Hunter film. The studio’s adaptation of the hit Capcom video game series will now hit theaters on December 25, the same day as WW84. Previously, the movie was scheduled to debut on December 30.

The report notes that Monster Hunter is opting for “a full theatrical window” unlike Wonder Woman 1984, which will concurrently hit theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day. However, HBO Max subscribers will only be able to stream the DC sequel for free for one month before it segues onto VOD and other digital platforms.

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Monster Hunter once again pairs writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson with his wife and Resident Evil collaborator, Milla Jovovich, who headlines the new film as Captain Natalie Artemis. Jovovich will appear opposite a supporting cast that includes Tony Jaa, T.I. Harris, Ron Perlman, and more. Last month, Sony finally dropped the movie’s first full trailer, which arrived well over a year after leaked footage began circulating online. Earlier this week, the studio also released a different trailer for Chinese audiences that featured brand new scenes.

Aside from Wonder Woman 1984, Monster Hunter will also compete with Pixar’s Soul for audience share. That movie will have its own world premiere on Disney+ on December 25.

What do you make of Sony’s decision to pit its Monster Hunter film against Wonder Woman 1984? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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