Marvel Studios Is Looking for Screenwriters to Tackle Blade

At last year’s Comic-Con, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige introduced Mahershala Ali as the star of the MCU’s Blade reboot. According to Feige, Ali approached Marvel about the chance to tackle Blade. But since then, there’s been very little word about the film. However, a recent story by The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Marvel hasn’t yet lined up a creative team for the movie.

According to the report, Marvel is currently looking for screenwriters to handle Blade. It also states that Blade is among several films “that studios are hoping to populate with Black behind-the-camera talent.” Presumably that will include the director of Blade as well.

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Wesley Snipes starred in the original Blade movie in 1998, as well as its two theatrical sequels. That film has been widely credited with paving the way for X-Men and Spider-Man to reinvigorate superhero films. Within Marvel’s comic book universe, Blade is a half-human/half-vampire hybrid whose mother was killed by a vampire. Blade subsequently became one of the most notorious vampire hunters in the world. More recently, Blade has become a member of the Avengers.

Marvel hasn’t set a release time frame for Blade, and it’s not currently on the schedule.

Which writers and directors would you like to see on the Blade reboot? Let us know in the comment section below!

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