New Ice Cube Sci-Fi Project to Feature Groundbreaking Remote-Filming Tech

A brand new technology might save Hollywood from COVID-19. An upcoming movie starring Ice Cube is expected to debut a way to shoot a movie without exposing the crew or the actors to any health risk. But first things first.

According to Deadline, Timur Bekmambetov is currently producing an untitled sci-fi movie for Universal. The feature will see Rich Lee at the helm, with a story by Kenneth Golde, and Ice Cube and Eva Longoria as leads. And it seems that the actors might not even see each other on the set while shooting for this particular movie, which is going into production this month. The details for the story are still under wraps, but it’s aiming for the “grounded” style of Neill Blomkamp’s District 9. The technology that Bekmambetov has been fine-tuning should debut right with the upcoming movie.

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Now, Deadline does not offer many details about the technology developed by Bekmambetov. But it appears that it will allow both the actors and the crew to work from individual separate locations. Universal apparently greenlighted the project in part because of the tech.

According to the report, Bekmambetov’s technology will keep the budget for the movie low while providing a safe working environment. The outcome of this technology has yet to be seen, but should the results be satisfying, it’s likely to be used a lot more. When things like this pay off, we get the LED wall from The Mandalorian. When they don’t, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow happens.

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